5 Reviews of the HCG Diet – What real people are saying.

We’ve put together a collection of video logs that might be able to help you make a better decision about this controversial diet.

I think this blurb from a registered dietitian is a good indication about it. Yet we, at Fertility Chef, obviously need to do more research on this:

“Any diet that limits your calories to 500 per day is not safe or effective. It would be difficult to maintain 500 calories per day and you mostly likely would not be able to stick to that type of eating pattern for long. Thus, you will likely go off it and binge, feel guilty, and go on it again which leads to Yoyo dieting and that is extremely stressful on the body. Also, any time you are injecting a hormone into your body, you are taking a risk and the side effects can be dangerous to your health. It’s best to eat healthy, watch your portion sizes and exercise (if permitted by your doctor).”
Doreen Rodo, Registered Dietitian with over 20 years experience
1. The basics of the HCG diet.


2. Some before and after pics taken:


3. This video blogger claims she melted off 15 pounds in three weeks.


4. More before and after pics:


5. Dr Oz on the HCG Diet



Dr. Hyla Cass talks about the controversial HCG diet. She explains what it is and how it might be able to help you lose weight when other diets have failed:


What do you think about this diet? Your thoughts? Comment below.


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