10 Banned Foods We Should All Stop Eating

China, Russia and even the crazy Canadians have this thing figured out!

America, it’s time to get our s*** together.

Here are four quick things we can do right now.

1. Avoid the foods on this list. We all know (too well, maybe) the effects of supply and demand on consumer-driven products. We don’t buy it, they don’t make it.

2. Speak out. Pass this information on to friends and family. Share it on social media. The more of us that say no to this garbage the better, for everyone.

3. Research. If you just can’t say no to something you love on this list, do a quick google search for a more responsible, healthy alternative, then tell your friends! Or better yet, blog about it and submit it to Fertility Chef so we can share it with the world.

4. Get involved. Sign petitions, make alternative meal options for your family, boycott stores (and products) that don’t have our best interests or health in mind. Start here and sign this petition to help stop GMO’s.



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