Garcinia Cambogia for PCOS Weight Loss

Garcinia Cambogia for PCOS

Hormone imbalance wreaks havoc on the body. From increased acne to obesity, PCOS is a hard problem to live with, especially when it stops you from shedding the extra weight. Luckily, breakthroughs in research are showing that garcinia cambogia for PCOS is an acceptable means of losing weight without filling your body with synthetic chemicals.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Taken from a tropical fruit known as the Malabar tamarind, garcinia cambogia is a popular supplement taken by those that want to lose weight. Its rind contains the compound hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, a complex tied to both appetite suppression and the inhibition of fat synthesis. Evidence even shows its role in possibly maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

How does Garcinia Cambogia work?

HCA is still relatively new and, as such, is not completely understood, however that doesn’t mean scientists don’t know how it works. Basically, it blocks the enzyme citrate lyase. This enzyme is used to make fat. In addition, it increases the production of serotonin which makes you feel less hungry.

While it does have this effect on the body, it is a natural herbal supplement, meaning it is much safer than man-made diet pills like ephedra. However, some relate that the best part is its positive influence on the mood. This then correlates to better sleep and reduced stress.

How does Garcinia Cambogia help diabetes and cholesterol?

Studies are showing that garcinia cambogia helps your body metabolize glucose more efficiently. Mice given the supplement showed lower insulin levels than those without. Be wary, however, as taking it in addition to blood sugar medication can result in dangerously low insulin levels.

As for cholesterol, the supplement can both raise HDL, the good kind, and lower LDL, the bad kind. Like diabetes, be very careful using this if you are already prescribed medication to control your cholesterol.

Garcinia Cambogia for PCOSGarcinia cambogia for PCOS

We have discussed its benefits for diabetes and cholesterol, but what does that have to do with aiding PCOS weight loss? For one thing, PCOS slows metabolism, reducing the amount of calories you need to intake daily. Unfortunately, even if you stick with strictly the nutrients you need, you will often times continue to feel hungry, leading to overeating and weight gain.

To combat this, garcinia cambogia for PCOS acts on natural serotonin levels. Serotonin is a natural chemical directly responsible for maintaining mood balance and appetite and digestion. When there is enough of it or more, you fell happier and not hungry. When it falls below healthy levels, it leads to depression and overeating. Since the supplement causes an excess in production, it helps keep your cravings at bay.

There is also its tie to citrate lyase. An enzyme in the body that is an important part of the creation of fats from carbohydrates, blocking it means less fat production. Even if bettering the mood can’t curb all of the food binges, this second line of defense ensures not all of the cheat food will end up on your hips.

Is Garcinia Cambogia safe?

It is safe only in small, recommended doses. Just like everything else, too much is a bad thing. Side effects can include dry mouth, headache, dizziness, upset stomach or diarrhea. In 2009, doctors warned users against its possible negative side effects on the liver, though this is still under debate.

In addition, it does not work well with certain medications. Those on prescriptions for asthma, allergies, diabetes, anemia, pain, psychiatric issues, cholesterol and blood thinning should only use with supervision from their doctor. Likewise, pregnant or nursing women and those with kidney or liver problems should not use the supplement.

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Does Garcinia Cambogia work?

Clinical tests show that it does aid in weight loss provided it is taken within the constraints of a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. Those that did so showed weight loss of about three to four pounds per month. This, of course, is variable based on your body type.

The important thing to remember is that the pill is only there to help with weight loss. You will not lose anything by taking the pill and doing nothing else. Though PCOS does make shedding pounds more difficult, it does not make it impossible.

Start by changing your diet. Cut out all processed foods in favor of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. Also, start counting your calories and remember that those sugary coffee drinks do count against this. Keep in mind that this transition doesn’t have to be dramatic. Cut out one bad thing per month to start.

Begin a regular exercise routine. Whether it’s walking, running, weightlifting, swimming, dancing or football, the important thing is that you are staying active and having fun doing it. Losing weight is a lifestyle change and will never be found in a pill alone.

How much Garcinia Cambogia should you take?

For those on the PCOS weight loss track, there are two ways to take garcinia cambogia. For those looking to achieve the results of the clinical trials, aim for two capsules per day. This amount is perfect for maintenance.

Those wanting more should take two capsules three times daily with a cup of water at least a half hour before eating. This will lead to a PCOS weight loss of eight to twelve pounds per month when coupled with proper nutrition and exercise. Studies are quick to point out that exercise can double or even triple how effective the supplement is.


Tracey Johnson writes that she lost “6.9 kilos in 3 weeks” and is “not waking up feeling tired.”

Isela Leal says that she’s “been taking Garcinia Cambogia for two weeks and [has] lost 7lbs in [her] first week.”

After Dawn Heisler lost 15 pounds in the first three weeks, she “cut out sugar in [her] coffee… [doesn’t] eat chocolate any longer and [her] portions of meals have cut down by half.”

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  1. what is garcinia cumbojiya tablet dose in pcod . my name is sanju nd i am 28 year old. i am suffring from pcos . pl.. guied me on tablet dose nd its effects on my body.

  2. I have PCOS and I go to the gym 5 days a week for 1 hour and I have been on the pills for 2 weeks and I have lost nothing. Instead I have gained 5lbs.
    I drink 2.5 Litres of water a day, no fizzy drinks, tea or coffee.
    Do I increase the amount of tablets?
    Please someone help?????

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