Tava Tea for PCOS Weight Loss

Tava Tea for PCOS Weight Loss: Stop Struggling and Start Losing

Tava tea for PCOS is particularly useful because of its ability to reduce insulin levels. The major reason why women with PCOS struggle to lose weight is because they produce too much insulin.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal disorder. Women with PCOS suffer from excess hair growth, acne and obesity. They also have a disordered menstrual cycle and may be infertile. Most women develop PCOS as teenagers, but some develop it later in life. The cause of PCOS is unknown.

Weight gain

Women with PCOS gain weight easily and have great difficulty in losing it. Their bodies produce excess insulin and androgens that drive the body to deposit fat, particularly in the abdomen. The excess weight predisposes women to many serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Most of the serious health problems that affect women with PCOS can be avoided if they lose weight.

PCOS weight loss

Unfortunately, having PCOS makes it very difficult to lose weight. Most doctors recommend a low-carbohydate diet and exercise. Most women with PCOS struggle to lose weight on such a regimen. Medications such as birth-control pills, anti-androgen drugs and metformin can help some women to lose weight. However, often these medications cause significant side effects.

Tava tea

Tava tea is a blend of green teas such as oolong, pu-erh and sencha. It boosts the basal metabolic rate so the body burns off two or three times the normal amount of calories. Drinking Tava tea with meals reduces the production of insulin in response to consuming carbohydrates. With less insulin being released, the body is less likely to immediately convert the recently-consumed meal into fat. Tava tea is also loaded with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Tava tea for PCOS

Tava tea is particularly useful for women with PCOS because of its ability to reduce insulin levels. The major reason why women with PCOS struggle to lose weight is because they produce too much insulin. Metformin is often prescribed to women with PCOS because it helps their bodies deal with the excess insulin. Unfortunately, medical science hasn’t come up with any drugs that deal with the real problem, that women with PCOS make too much insulin in the first place.


Tava tea is an all-natural way to help the body stop making so much insulin. Drinking three cups of the tea each day, preferably with meals, will help to naturally correct the hormonal imbalance that causes PCOS in the first place. Tava tea isn’t the unpleasant, bitter beverage you’re imagining, either- women report it has a pleasant flavor similar to other, regular teas.

Does it really work?

A systematic review published in 2012 identified 14 randomized controlled trials of green tea preparations. The authors of the review concluded that green tea did promote additional weight loss when used in conjunction with a weight loss diet and exercise. The additional weight lost due to green tea was, however, fairly small, only around half a pound.

The green tea used in these studies was not Tava tea. Tava tea is a green tea mixture that has been specially optimized to promote weight loss. Non-optimized green tea can produce a small amount of weight loss- optimized Tava tea can produce a large amount of weight loss.

How is it used?

Tava tea comes in tea bags. Preparing the beverage is exactly the same as making any other kind of tea- put the tea bag in very hot water for a few minutes. Tava tea should not be sweetened, nor should milk be added to it. It should be drunk as is.

For best results, at least three cups of tea should be consumed each day. More can be consumed, if desired. It’s best to drink a cup of tea with each meal or before each meal so that the active ingredients can go right to work blocking the body’s release of insulin. Normally the body releases insulin every time you eat something. The role of insulin is to allow the sugars in the blood to get into cells where it is either used to fuel the body or is turned into fat.

What about diet?

Tava tea will promote weight loss on its own, but for best results with PCOS weight loss a low-carbohydrate or low glycemic index diet should also be followed. The glycemic index expresses how strongly a food induces the release of insulin. Foods that dramatically provoke the release of insulin are given rating near 100 on this index. Foods that have less of an effect on insulin production are given lower numbers on this index.

Anyone with PCOS needs to work hard at reducing insulin production. Following a diet that is less likely to provoke insulin production is one strategy to help with PCOS weight loss. It’s relatively easy to look up the glycemic index of any food before deciding whether to eat it. In general, sweet-tasting foods and starchy foods have a higher glycemic index rating than other foods and should be avoided by women with PCOS.

What about exercise?

Everyone should exercise daily to improve health even if they aren’t trying to lose weight. Women with PCOS need to exercise daily even while taking Tava tea. The experts generally recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. Walking and weight-lifting are both excellent forms of exercise for women with PCOS. Walking is a low-impact aerobic exercise that helps burn calories and improve cardiac health. Lifting weights builds muscle, and muscle naturally burns off more calories per minute than any other type of body tissue.

Does Tava tea suppress appetite?

Unfortunately, Tava tea does not directly suppress appetite. It also doesn’t make people jittery and nervous the way most appetite-suppressants do. However, filling the stomach up with a cup of Tava tea before each meal may help reduce the amount of food eaten. Tava tea does not contribute any calories to the diet. Many women with PCOS report that substituting a cup of tea for a snack makes them feel satisfied while reducing overall calorie intake.

Are there any side effects?

Tava tea is completely safe and all-natural. It has no side effects other than delivering a dose of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals along with its proven ability to promote weight loss. Using Tava tea for PCOS is effective and completely safe.


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